The round table “Needs, challenges and solutions: What can we do together for children in social risk in Macedonia?” was organized on 21.02.2019. 37 participants from national and local institutions, civil society organizations and international organizations met to discuss the current situation of children at risk and possible ways forward through mutual cooperation. 7 presenters were invited at the introductory panel and they presented an overview of the situation, what are the ongoing initiatives and interventions (including ones supported by the ARYSE projects) and what remains to be done toward proper protection of these children. Few priority areas were identified: urgently addressing the situation of street children for whom there are no proper programmes, finalizing and adopting the programme for children who use drugs, improving access to education for Roma children, sensitizing general society members to reduce discrimination, improving, decentralization of responsibilities and better cooperation with local governments, improving inter-sector coordination through investing resources in commissions and other coordination bodies, as well as improving data collation and access. The participants expressed their dedication to improve mutual collaboration towards addressing these priorities.