With Mrs. Laković Draskovic, Director General of the Directorate for the Organization of the Judiciary, Criminal Legislation and Supervision at the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro, at the meeting for the purpose of internal presentation of the regional project “Youth at risk of social exclusion”, the focus was on the recent law reforms. First of all, the Law on Treatment of Juveniles in Criminal Proceedings, where prosecutorial and judicial expert services for treatment have been introduced, which will improve the attitude towards juveniles, i.e. their protection in court proceedings. Subsequently, amendments are made in court a proceeding which includes children by introducing support persons for them. The support person will have a license and, at the request of the court, will provide the child with social, not legal support during the course of the court proceedings. A lot of legal changes were introduced at the initiative of professional services. All present at the meeting agreed that the problem is the lack of adequate records, when it comes to children in conflict with the law, but also children who are victims of neglect and exploitation, children who live and / or work on the street. It was noted that over 300 cases of child begging were recorded in 2011.