Project “At-Risk Youth Social Empowerment” which is supported by the European Union, and implemented in Western Balkans for the period of 45 months, from January 2016 to October 2019. The project is coordinated by NGO Juventas, and project partners are ARSIS (Albania), Association Margina (Bosnia and Herzegovina), HOPS (Macedonia), NGO Labyrinth (Kosovo), Prevent (Serbia) and SHL Foundation from Germany.

In the framework of the project, the term “youth at risk” includes the following target groups: youth and children in conflict with the law, youth and children who use drugs, young people living in families with a history of conflict with the law and/or drug abuse, street youth and children, young Roma and young people who were children without parental care.

Main aim of the meeting: to get joint agreement on project activities in 2018.

During the project meeting, after presentation of agenda and expectation from the meeting, participants have prepared presentation of project results and challenges during implementation of activities in 2017. Thereafter, to the project partners were presented comments on guidelines which are created in 2017. with the agreement that corrections of the guidelines will be done roughly until the middle of May and that comments will be sent directly to consultants.
Also, to the partners were presented common general work principles for CSOs from all these guidelines which are created in 2017. and which serves as a protocol which everyone needs to respect in their work with youth, especially when we are speaking about vulnerable youth. Also, we have created detailed plan of actions for 2018.