This is a story of a magician’s triumph to bring happiness into children’s hearts! Of course, if this was a film you would have read the caption “this is a true story” at the beginning. And so, this is a story of children’s joy!

People might think it strange that instead of Santa Claus, children received their presents from a magician but we are known to do things differently here. Everyone enjoys a good trick. Illusion evokes thrill, laughter and delight in all audiences, hence perhaps the desire of most children to become magicians when they grow up or see a real life magician do incredible things at least once in their lifetime. In fact, children’s hidden desires are to make the impossible possible, to turn the bad into good, to create a world filled with joy and replace tears with laughter.

The children’s sincere desire to live in the world of fairytales or for us at least to capture this imaginary world of theirs has been our mission throughout the years and we have aimed to do this for the children whose parents use drugs.

Small things can sometimes lead to big smiles. One day the Re-socialization and Rehabilitation Center was visited by a man who brought great happiness and excitement among these children – a magician. Children meeting a magician is something every person should experience! A meeting filled with great joy beaming in the children’s eyes, big smiles on their faces, hearts filled with emotions, playful thoughts that make the children’s world a reality! Isn’t this the most beautiful present anyone could have ever wished for?

No one can remain indifferent to the words: “I was very happy to see the magician who gave us Christmas presents.”

The children performed tricks with the magician and together they helped make a child’s fantasy come through! The impossible became possible for a moment! The atmosphere was so magical that for a moment it seemed as though no one wanted to open their eyes in fear of waking up to reality.

“I always have a great time here. Sometimes we study, sometimes we play. I like the books we have here, particularly the one about the fish!”

This is the reason why these children are happy! It is because someone decided to pay some attention to them, to effectively dedicate the time spent together and show the path to the future to these children. These are their modest wishes and demands from us, the adults! To pass some time playing together, studying and socializing.

It is why we love our job at the Re-socialization and Rehabilitation Center. Such experiences motivate us to keep going further, to organize events, to invite artists, to visit different places and provide these children with what they deserve and are guaranteed to – the right to happy childhood.

Eleonora Chichevska