Round table “Young people who use drugs in Montenegro: Lack of support system as the main challenge” was organized by the NGO “Juventas” under the “ARYSE (At Risk Youth Social Empowerment)” project, funded by the European Union through the European Commission.

Speakers at mentioned Round table were: Ivana Vujović (Executive Director of NGO Juventas), Marija Milić (Coordinator of the Program of Direct Assistance for People Using Drugs in NGO Juventas), Milutin Milošević (Executive Director of the Drug Policy Network in South East Europe), Nebojša Kavarić (Director of Health Center Podgorica), Ljiljana Golubović (Representative of the Institute for Public Health), Dijana Milosevic (Psychologist, Representative of Public institution “Kakaricka gora”).

Both speakers and participants agreed that it is necessary to determine and divide responsibilities more clearly because at the moment children and youth who use drugs are almost left to themselves and their families. There is lack of cooperation between institutions on each level. Education system did not develop effective system of recognizing children at risk at early stages and their referral to proper institutions. Also, professionals in the field do not know where to refer someone who is for example 15 years old and deeply in the problem of addiction. It is necessary to develop quality support programs, including prevention, treatment and harm reduction.