In order to reach most important media in the country and raise awareness of the general public about topics and goals of ARYSE project, project team have organized a press conference on 4th of December 2017 at 09:30AM, at PR centre in Podgorica. Mrs Ivana Vujovic, Executive director of Juventas has presented the ARYSE project, its main aims and project partners, but also results of previous activities which were implemented during previous period of time. In the front of Delegation of European Union to Montenegro, Mr Miguel Margo Gomez, project manager, appointed that newest data show that Montenegro is facing an increase of reported unemployment while one of most dominant budget expenditure categories are transfers for social protection. He also said that one of the strategically fiscal measures of Montenegro is reduction of expenditures for social benefits. In this kind of situation, NGOs remain being one of the main providers of social services in Montenegro and funding of services provided by NGOs is mostly coming from sources outside Montenegro. Mr Gomes noted that youth at risk of social exclusion are particularly vulnerable when it comes to discrimination, unemployment, drop out from schools or universities, poverty, sometimes also conflict with the law and substance abuse. Their vulnerability is always complex, which is the reason why they are in need of more advanced and holistic services. Non- governmental organizations are, as he already sad, one of the main providers of social services, so it is also important that their capacities need to be further improved.