Panel discussion “Youth in conflict with the law” was organized by NGO Juventas on 28.11.2018. at the PR center in Podgorica, as a part of the project “At-Risk Youth Social Empowerment”.

It was agreed by all of the participants that young people in conflict with the law should be recognized as vulnerable group as well as that the juvenile delinquency represents a failure of society to provide a protective environment for its children. Representative of the police stated that the most common crimes committed by juveniles are property delict, disturbance of the public order/peace, sexual delinquency, abuse of psychoactive substances, domestic violence, etc. Panelists, which mere mostly representatives of the institutions agreed that there is lack of coordination between institutions that prevent adequate support to this target group. One of the mentioned issues was the poor implementation of the prescribed measures. For example, when Court prescribes measure of increased supervision, there are no guarantees that that measure will be properly implemented. There is no specialized institution for the minor offenders who are convicted, but they spend time in the area where there are also grown up offenders. That completely exposes young people to different patterns of bad influences and examples of criminal behaviors. Another identified issue is the lack of post-institutional treatment for young people in conflict with the law. Prevention is something that has to be taken care of in a much more systematic and coordinated way and should include all parts of the system, especially educational institutions.