NGO Juventas has organized an international training on the topic “Financing of NGOs dealing with youth at risk of social exclusion”, in the period from 5 to 8 June, in the coastal village of Shëngjin, Lezhë, on the northern coast of Albania.

Training, aimed at strengthening civil society capacity through regional and national co-operation, is part of the project “Youth Empowerment in Risk of Social Exclusion”, supported by the European Union, and is implemented in the Western Balkans period January 2016. by October 2019.

“The specific objective of the project is to provide youth support in the areas of education, employment, justice and other areas through the promotion of active participation and inclusion for civil society organizations representing young people in decision-making and reform processes,” explained the NGO Juventas .

Representatives of NGOs Juventas Marjana Krsmanović and Nina Scepnović, ATAK representative Vasko Raičević, representative of the Ministry of Health Jelena Kujović, as well as representatives of the Institute for Social and Pediatric Protection Drago Spaić and Miloš Ristić participate in the training.

“The representatives of the partner organizations and institutions will be part of the regional consultative body, which will maintain communication between the participating countries and to advocate for better position of youth at risk”, led from Juventas’s.

The project is coordinated by the NGO Juventas in cooperation with ARSIS from Albania, the Association Margin of Bosnia and Herzegovina, HOPS from Macedonia, NGO Labyrinth from Kosovo, Prevent from Serbia and SHL Foundation from Germany.