In the framework of the project “Empowering young people at risk of social exclusion” an interactive play about the problems of young people, “Raw Play – a game with six lives,” was displayed in Podgorica, 6th of December, 2019.
The play is performed by six actors who have years of experience when it comes to the realization of plays dealing with various social issues. Also, the actors in applied theater are united by their need to discuss, question, resolve and overcome issues that they face in their daily lives.

The play was produced ApsArt Center for theater research, with the support of the Ngo Juventas. It is an interactive play that addresses the problems of young people – based on documentary stories collected over a months-long research process. The difficult but humorous life stories of young people are shaped into a specific interactive format that is actually a combination of a roll of play and a video game.

Besides that, the audience in this play had the possibility of interactive involvement, so the play could ends in accordance with the decisions of the audience, so that none performance is the same. The audience had the opportunity to get out from position of the passive, disinterested observes who either do not see and /or do not have time to deal with others.