Podcast- Youth and drug policies

With the purpose to hear the voices from as many young people as possible, including those living outside the capital city, public debate took place online in the form of interactive podcast on February 7th 2019. The topic of the podcast was set to be “YOUTH & DRUG POLICIES”, and aimed to initiate a discussion [...]

Round table “Needs, challenges and solutions: What can we do together for children in social risk in Macedonia?”

The round table “Needs, challenges and solutions: What can we do together for children in social risk in Macedonia?” was organized on 21.02.2019. 37 participants from national and local institutions, civil society organizations and international organizations met to discuss the current situation of children at risk and possible ways forward through mutual cooperation. 7 presenters [...]

Regional Advocacy Body established

Regional training within the project “At-Risk Youth Social Empowerment” was held from 05-07. July 2019. The training was dedicated to the creation of the Regional Advocacy Body that will in the future period continue to work on the sustainability of the project results. Altogether 30 members of the NGOs and public authorities from Albania, Bosnia [...]

Open Call for the Award of Small Grants

AT RISK YOUTH SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT NETWORK (ARYSE) Announces Open Call for the Award of Small Grants to support the implementation of civil society organisations’ projects for the improvement of social inclusion of at risk children and youth in Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia.   This Open Call for the Award of [...]

Holding of regular meetings with key stakeholders and project partners

 In the first half of the year, 11 meetings took place with relevant stakeholders, as follows: • 3 meetings with the Agency of Youth and Sports and CSOs: On 23 and 28.02.2018, the AYS organized two public consultation meetings and invited CSOs to present areas of interventions of priority for youth. HOPS participated in the [...]

International training on: “Financing projects of NGOs dealing with youth at risk of social exclusion”

NGO Juventas has organized an international training on the topic "Financing of NGOs dealing with youth at risk of social exclusion", in the period from 5 to 8 June, in the coastal village of Shëngjin, Lezhë, on the northern coast of Albania. Training, aimed at strengthening civil society capacity through regional and national co-operation, is [...]

International training on “Standards and Guides in Work with Youth at Risk of Social Exclusion”

The training "Standards and Guides in Work with Youth at Risk of Social Exclusion" focuses on the protection of rights, basic principles of work and standards for providing social and health care for children and youth who use psychoactive substances, children and youth who are in conflict with law, children and youth coming from families [...]

The Children Meet the Magician

This is a story of a magician’s triumph to bring happiness into children’s hearts! Of course, if this was a film you would have read the caption “this is a true story” at the beginning. And so, this is a story of children’s joy! People might think it strange that instead of Santa Claus, children [...]

Support for children who use drugs

I have always thought that most people in our country feel it is easier to adjust to certain decisions enforced by society than to fight for changes. When I started working in HOPS as an outreach worker for children who use drugs I was shocked. To a great extent this was due to the fact [...]

Guide for Treatment and Care of Children Who Use Drugs

Drug use among children in Macedonia is becoming an increasingly visible problem requiring serious approach and immediate reaction by professionals working in this field as well as the decision-makers in order to introduce changes in the health and social care system. The crucial step now is for the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of [...]