March the 20th 2018. 12 :00am, Hotel Podgorica

NGO Juventas, within the framework of the regional project “Empowering young people at risk of social exclusion”, organized a round table on theme “Standards for working with children and young people leaving institutional accommodation”. The project is supported by the European Union and is being implemented in the countries of the Western Balkans in the period of 45 months, from 01.01.2016 to 30.09.2019. The project is co-ordinated by NGO Juventas, while project partners are organisations from six Western Balkan countries including: ARSIS (Albania), Association Margin (Bosnia and Herzegovina), HOPS (Macedonia), NGO Labyrinth (Kosovo), Prevent (Serbia), and Schüler Helfen Leben Foundation (Germany). The Network of these organizations implements activities aimed at contribution to active participation in the social processes of young people from the Western Balkans who are at the highest risk of social exclusion, as well as the improvement of policies and practices of governmental and non-governmental organizations in relation to different groups of children and young people.

The general goal of the project is to contribute to the achievement of social inclusion of young people at risk at the regional level, through strengthening the capacities of the civil sector, regional and national cooperation, and advocacy activities.

The specific goal of the project is to provide support to youth in the field of education, employment, judiciary and other areas through the promotion of active participation and inclusion for civil society organizations representing young people in decision-making and reform processes.

The project includes the following groups at risk: children and young people in conflict with law and/or history of using psychoactive substances, young people living in families with a history of conflict with law and addiction, children and young people living or working on the street, young people Roma ethnicity and children and youth without parental care.

Following spoke at the round table: Goran Kusevija director general of the Directorate for social welfare and child care, Marija Stajovic youth program coordinator at NGO Juventas, Bojana Miletic head of Department for development and professional support in front of the Institute for social and child protection, Zoran Milacic director of the Center for the protection of infants, children and youth in Belgrade, social worker Nina Scepanovic in front of NGO Juventas, representative of the children’s Home “Mladost” in Bijela Marela Savic, Rajka Perovic director, as well as Jelena Gluscevic, program manager in front of the Center for the rights of the child.

A significant topic that was presented at the round table related to the Guidelines for Western Balkan CSOs that work with young people leaving the alternative care system, which was drafted by doc dr. Anita Burgund Isakov.

The aim of the Guidelines is to help develop procedures, approaches and services in the Western Balkan countries that could be sustainable and prevent social exclusion for young people at risk.